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Landhuis for sale in VLEDDER

VLEDDER Vledderlanden 1 -3 - 8381 XL The Netherlands

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On the edge of a stream in the northeast of the Netherlands, in the basin of the Wasperveense Aa to be precise, is this Cor Kalfsbeek-designed equestrian accommodation located, fully equipped with all necessary amenities. The beautiful architecture fits in well with the surroundings, where harmony, modern and functional are the key words. This beautiful property is surrounded by no less than 10 hectares of private land, offering excellent opportunities for man and horse to live and train. Expansion of the plot size is possible, up to approx. 23 hectares.

The property includes not only a main building, but also accommodation facilities in the same architectural style, a field barn for the stabling of machinery and the storage of straw, an outdoor arena, an indoor horse walker, an indoor and an outdoor lunging circle and 23 grass paddocks . Wooded banks and a 2 km long landscaped galloping track surround the estate.
All paving on the site consists of clinkers. Through the choice of the right building materials and the well thought-out landscape design, this company fits well into its environment. Its location in the open landscape of the Wasperveense Aa basin, the small-scale wooded landscape and the sandy soil around Vledder make it the ideal environment for horse lovers.

Location and accessibility
The property is located southwest of Vledder on the edge of the Wasperveense Aa basin. It is a ten-minute drive from the A32 at Steenwijk. Thanks to its location on a national road, the property is easily accessible.

All buildings and structures on the property are built of durable materials and easy to maintain. The buildings have a heat pump driven heating system. In the context of sustainability and cost savings 150 solar panels were installed on the roof.
Housing all facilities under one roof is a concept that makes this development unparalleled. Apart from the 25x65 meter indoor arena, a reception area, an office, a multi-purpose room and two luxury apartments, the main building also houses thirty spacious horse stalls, eight running stalls with adjacent sand paddocks, a fully equipped blacksmith's workshop, four washing units, two solariums and six fully equipped quarantine stalls.

An architectural plan of three symmetrical buildings was designed for the main building. The largest and centrally located building accommodates the large indoor arena of approximately 25x65 meters. Under the other two roofs, the stables for the horses on one side and the walking stables for the breeding horses on the other side are located.
The exterior walls are panelled with vertical oak planks, which exude a natural atmosphere. Additional architectural elements contribute to the individual character of the buildings. For example, the ends of the roofs are raised to a height of 12 meters, a feature that gives the building its prominent individuality, breaking the monotony of the building volumes. In addition, a loggia in this raised element at the head of the building brings light and air into the reception area, and a large glass facade provides the riding school with light and air. The insulated roof consists of corrugated iron and has no penetrations.

Blending into the landscape
Landscape architect Ank Bleeker designed the surrounding landscape, taking the existing historical structures in the area as a starting point. The old planting has been preserved as much as possible and historical, wooded banks have been restored. On the south side, three new wooded banks were created with trees and shrubs such as oak, prunus, alder, rowan, birch and holly.
Such wooded banks are characteristic of basin edges, but because of the peat soil, such wooded banks of yesteryear were previously lacking. Today, better drainage techniques allow for the planting of these banks, which also provides some shelter.
The design of the site in front of the buildings consists of a rural representative garden with a water party, primordial plants and many types of grass.

Equestrian facilities:

Indoor arena
The indoor arena is located in the main building. The arena is approximately 25x65 meters in size and is equipped with ebb and flow bottoms. Special features are the oak box rim and the mirrored back wall. This back wall is equipped with an 8 meter wide opening, which can be lifted. The side walls are finished with 5 meter wide mirrors. The entire building is equipped with sound equipment, which can be operated individually in each part of the building. Even while riding a horse, the rider can operate the sound equipment.

Outdoor arena
The outdoor arena is approximately 80x40 meters in size and surrounded by a beech hedge. This arena is also equipped with an ebb and flow riding surface. The advantages are: no mud during the wet season, no dust during the dry season and it can also be used during the freezing season.

Galloping track
The property is surrounded by wooded banks and 2 kilometers of dirt roads, offering riders, amazons and their horses relaxed riding opportunities.

The facility has 2 lunging circles, one of which is covered. Both lungingcircles have a diameter of 16 meters and are equipped with an ebb and flow floor.

Horse walker
The 6-horse Belebro horse walker with semi-open roof has a diameter of 20 meters and is equipped with double safety barriers for stallions, warning flow system, automatic lubrication and a sprinkler system for the aisle. The roof was designed in collaboration with architect Cor Kalfsbeek. The building materials used are the same as those for the main building.

Stable section
The left wing of the main building consists of thirty luxury horse stalls measuring 4.5 x 3.5 meters with natural light and the Flybuster fly control system. Two separate compartments with thirteen and seventeen stalls respectively each have their own manure system. The tack room, feed storage and washing areas separate the two compartments.
The 5 meter wide aisles between the stalls are paved with baked clinkers. The floors of the solidly built stalls are 10 cm above ground level of the center aisle. The walls are covered with a special protective layer.

Automatic manure system
All horse stalls have their own manure system. The boxes can be easily mucked out through a trap door at the back of the stable. Out of sight, the removed manure is stored in underground manure tanks.

Quarantine departments
Two quarantine sections with six spacious horse stalls and a washroom with space for a solarium are located behind the covered arena.

Washing units
Between the two compartments, which house the thirteen and seventeen stalls, there are four safe and spacious washing units with hot and cold running water. Two washing areas are equipped with solariums equipped with infrared lamps and hair dryers.

Tack room
The tack room, centrally located opposite the stables, has an attractive appearance because of its mezzanine. To the left and right of the tack room are two lockable feed and storage areas. This part of the building also houses the canteen and toilet room with en-suite mezzanine and stairs to the second floor.

Blanket Room
In this part of the building there are four spacious built-in drying cabinets with heating system for drying and storing horse blankets and saddle pads. The built-in cabinets are very ergonomically designed.

Blacksmith's shop
The left wing of the main building contains a fully equipped blacksmith's workshop.

Office and canteen
The office and canteen are located above the tack room and the two feed rooms. They are accessed via the mezzanine. The office is spacious and has built-in filing cabinets.
The beautifully finished canteen is equipped with a luxury kitchen with built-in appliances. In the adjoining room, the technical and sound equipment is located. The office and canteen are finished with an oak floor.

Sand and grass paddocks
On the property there are five sand paddocks measuring approximately 30x30 meters and two sand paddocks measuring approximately 20x40 meters, all equipped with an ebb and flow surface and fenced with a 1.50 meter high wooden fence.
Around the site are fifteen grass paddocks averaging 30x30 meters in size and eight paddocks of approximately 25x50 meters. The drainage systems are of the same quality as in sports fields and have running water. The grass paddocks have a durable fence with wooden posts and secure permanent fencing.
Around the site are fifteen grass paddocks averaging 30x30 meters in size and eight paddocks of approximately 25x50 meters. The drainage systems are of the same quality as in sports fields and have running water. The grass paddocks have a durable fence with wooden posts and secure permanent fencing.

Stables with facilities:

The right wing of the main building consists of six running stalls of about 10x10 meters and two running stalls of about 5x10 meters. The horses can be fed inside in the wide feed corridor. This wing also contains different types of storage rooms and a closed room of 50 m². The loose housing stables have a free run of approx. 10x12 meters paved with concrete paving stones.

Sand paddocks
In the two adjoining sand paddocks of about 800 m² with ebb and flow bottoms, the young horses have free rein. Between the free range and the sand paddocks is a 5 meter wide corridor with opposing gates, functioning as a sluice. The fence of the loose yard is unique, consisting of a construction of 1.80 meters high galvanized tubes of high quality.

Manure pit
Manure from the walking stables is stored from a shallow manure pit of 1.50 meter high concrete walls and a liquid-tight, concrete floor.

Field Barn:
The field barn of 732 m² for is suitable for the storage of machinery and storage
of straw. The barn has a liquid-tight floor, of which about 180 m² is certified and equipped with a drainpipe with oil separator. This area also contains the diesel tank. All necessary facilities such as compressed air, water and power are available. The architecture of the barn is similar to that of the other buildings.

Reception area and apartments:

Ground Floor
On the first floor at the front of the main building is the entrance of 60 m² with reception area and two luxury apartments with terrace, family bathroom and kitchen with built-in appliances. The floor area of both apartments is approximately 63 m². The terrace offers a beautiful view of the surrounding lands and the entrance opens onto the covered arena. These rooms are located 0.75 meters above the ground.
In addition to the reception area and apartments, there are two toilet groups, a separate shower room, a disabled toilet, an elevator and an industrial laundry room. The laundry room is equipped with a professional Miele washer and dryer.

1st Floor:
On the second floor is a spacious multipurpose room of 187 m², which is equipped with a kitchen, built-in dishwasher and bar. This room can be used as a meeting room and is also suitable for giving presentations. It has a pump controlled heating system under the floor with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. This room has oak flooring.
Adjacent to the multipurpose room are the office and a 37.5 m² gym located, with spectacular views of the surrounding lands. Two storage rooms are also located on the second floor.

Residential Accommodations
The architecture of the residential accommodations adjacent to the main building is similar to that of the other buildings. Enclosures are made of iroko hardwood, as are the enclosures of the front stable buildings. The raised ends of the roof, characteristic of the architecture, are integrated architectural elements of the building. The residential accommodations are connected and house two families (approximately 550 m³ and 950 m³).

Optional for sale:

The property also contains approximately 13 acres of pasture for grazing the horses and making hay or silage. These pastures are fenced with secure wire, durable posts
and wooden gates.


Transfer of ownership
€ 4.200.000 k.k.
in overleg
Kind of house
Building type
vrijstaande woning
Construction period
Roof type
samengesteld dak
Surface Areas And Volume
Living area
263 m2
Other indoor space
0 m2
Volume in cubic meters
950 m3
Plot size
107255 m2
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